I literally have no clue what you are talking about. Ever.

tbh sometimes i dont either but thats life

that girl wearing the purple pants in rave under the bridge video is so important to me like i dont even have to explain yall know who im talking about

i knew azealia banks was a lot of things….. she being a furry was not one of them

when you dont trust the hunter x hunter theme anymore when it goes ‘you can smile again’ but then they throw a happy ending at you out of nowhere and you’re smiling and you backtrack and realise it wasnt lying to you this time

You haven't been on twitter in forever

tbh i completely forgot i had one till just now oh well

how do u become friends with these weird people on this weird website why wont tyeleer and whor village and katang and reverse racism leave you alone? why cant they just stay in their lanes???? how they get like this????